About Ambadi Goshala Trust

Ambadi Goshala is situated at the renowned ancient temple village, Pattazhi in Kollam District of Kerala, has been established with a view to promote and propagate Cow based agriculture.

The idea of establishing a Goshala arose in the mind of its founder Sri. S.R Syam Kumar, while he was working abroad in 2014-2015. He is a Mechanical Engineer by profession and served outside India for a long time. He had in his mind sweet memories of his village life during his boyhood days, when he had the opportunity to accompany his paternal grandfather, who was a farmer with rich experience. Sri S.R Syam used to accompany his grandfather by treading the village pathway to the fields and to the village market, where he could experience the richness of the village life. On those days, the people had opportunity to get the produces by barter system as cash transactions were rare. Their agricultural produces were pure and free from pesticides and were produced by the use of organic manure, especially produced from indigenous cows. These desi cows were the back born of Agriculture. Gradually he realised that these blessings of the village life were slowly disappearing and villagers turned to be consumers depending on produces coming from outside, which posed a big threat to the health of the people. Today what we get and eat has become poisonous and consequently people have become dependents of Allopathic medicines. The modern breeds of cows have also turned to be a burden to the farmers in the sense that not only their milk is harmful to health but also farmers have become victims of different agencies like insurance, veterinary medicines and chemical manure. This reality has prompted Sri Syam Kumar to quit his lucrative profession and come back to the rustic life in Pattazhi. His efforts have now started giving results telling to the world that we can produce goods we need depending on indigenous cow based agriculture. It also enables us to get many ‘Panchagavya’ products. We can have a direct experience by visiting the Goshala. Many great men have visited the Goshala and Shayam Kumar has won their admiration. Indian Council for Agricultural Research (ICAR) have chosen Ambadi Goshala as their training centre.

This firm is dedicated to raising awareness of the Indian cow and the rebirth of the autonomous production mode Bhartiya (Indian). We are all aware that environmental degradation affects us all and we can not eliminate them.

Ambadi Goshala does its best to protect the well-being of nature.With the intention of promoting our rich heritage Ambadi Goshala was started in 2014 located in Pattazhy ( land of Pattazhy Devi) , a small village near to Adoor in Kollam district.

We are dedicated to propagation, protection of Indigenous cows and preparation of Panchagavya and other natural products. The Ambadi Goshala was started in 2014 situated in Pattazhy.

Aim: Promoting the cow based agriculture, village development
  • Cow based agriculture
  • Panchagavya based product development.
  • Imparting training to make Panchagavya and related products.
  • Giving publicity to cow based economy and village development.
  • Research and development in Panchagavya and other products.
  • Promoting organic agriculture.

My Village Pattazhy and the preciding Diety Pattazhy Devi.


The ancient devi temple at Pattazhy, popularly known as pattazhy devi attracts lakhs of devotees every year.

The antiquity of the Temple is well evident from the construction of the temple which is quiet different from that of the temples in Kerala. The festival of the temple is celebrated on two occasions every year. ie Kumbhathiruvathiruvathira & Meenathiruvathira of the malayalam era which comes in the month of February & March christian era respectively.

One of the greatest attraction of Meenathiruvathira is the is the ceremonial procession of “Ponninthirumudi" which is the decorated form of the Devi made in gold, Lakhs of devotees throng on the said day. Every devotee in pattazhy is proud of the rich heritage and the antiquity of the temple. Their devotion on to the devi is reinforced every year by their participation in the worship.